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Maximizing Competitive Advantage

MOTAVO Venture Group is a professional services firm assisting entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, and angel investors in launching their companies with maximum competitive advantage.

Our professional services help emerging organizations find their keys to success - not "boiler plate" solutions.

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Professional Services

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Many new companies have innovative ideas that have great value in the marketplace.  Many of these companies fail due to lack of resources or inadequate planning, often regardless of their level of capitalization.

At MOTAVO, we strive to provide emerging organizations with expertise and assistance to maximize their competitive advantage and accelerate their growth cycle and market penetration.

We augment the existing management team to provide expertise and depth as needed.  As experienced business launch professionals, we roll up our sleeves and work along side the team to produce results in a compressed timeframe.

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Professional Services

Launching a new company or a new product or service is complex.  In addition to shear volumes of work that are required to succeed, a wide array of skills are required to optimize business activity.  Successful businesses are realized through sound business planning, strong resources, and hard work.

MOTAVO specializes in launching companies and their products or services.  That means we understand the complex array of foundational elements that must be in place to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

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Business skills and experience are only part of the equation when launching a business.  It is critical to surround yourself with professionals with integrity.  MOTAVO professionals have no personal agendas and help you to make decisions that are in the best interests of your company and its shareholders.

Work Ethic

You work hard to launch your business and need professionals around you that share a strong work ethic to ensure you achieve your goals.

Community Support

MOTAVO supports the community and works with many non-profit organizations to augment their efforts to help the community.

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