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More about Motavo Venture Group

MOTAVO is a professional services firm dedicated to encouraging and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit.  Emerging organizations are one of the most innovative and competitive sectors of today's economy.

MOTAVO provides expertise to investors and emerging organizations to help their managers accelerate the growth and development of the company, maximizing competitive advantage and shareholders' return on investment.

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Comprehensive Business Solutions

MOTAVO employs validated techniques that have proven successful in the launch and development of companies.  Our clients can rest assured that our professionals are not learning on the job.

We help our clients better understand their internal and external environments, allowing our clients' executives to make better, more informed decisions that maximize their competitive advantage and ultimately their performance.

Our goal is to create long-term value through a short-term engagement.  We establish a discipline to maximize the value of the management team long after the completion of our engagement through a comprehensive knowledge transfer to the existing management team.

MOTAVO tightly integrates available resources and services to provide high quality, productive business solutions.  As MOTAVO is generally a shareholder in its clients' companies, MOTAVO aims to achieve both a successful short-term completion of objectives, and also establish value long after the completion of the engagements.

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