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Shift Your Company into High Gear

MOTAVO professionals work with your management team to optimize long-term results over short engagements.  MOTAVO creates customized solutions for each project - not "off-the-shelf" solutions.

Our professionals augment your team to do the short-term "heavy lifting" often required for special projects such as business plans, raising capital and product development.  We specialize in comprehensive, yet concise deliverables that ensure a complete knowledge transfer to optimize value long after the end of an engagement.

Whether your trying to attract venture capital or just get your management team working together, contact us to see how we can help you achieve you goals.  (Learn more . . .)

Shift your company into high gear, by leveraging our expertise.  

Advisory Services

Leverage MOTAVO's expertise to accelerate your project and gain valuable insight and perspective that will compliment your management team's skills and talents.  Our professionals work with your organization to develop a product and service strategy, an operational strategy, market strategies and organizational structure to maximize your competitive advantage and ROI for your shareholders.

Business Plans

Writing Business Plans is MOTAVO's specialty.  A MOTAVO business plan is far more than written explanations of a business and the strategy.  We incorporate graphics and text into a professional presentation of the business and the investment opportunity.  Our plans are designed to not only raise capital, but to serve as a comprehensive roadmap for management to follow to accomplish successful implementation of the business plan.

Capital Services

MOTAVO has created a 5-stage Investment Strategy that combines focused professional services with proven investment strategies to produce increased valuations and successful funding for client organizations.

Corporate Development

Whether your goals are organic growth or mergers and acquisitions, it is critical to have the foundation in place to optimize operational efficiencies.  MOTAVO will assist your team in establishing and implementing policies, procedures and systems to ensure best practices are in place to optimize operations and integration of business disciplines.

Financial Modeling

Comprehensive financial models are key to successful business plans and funding events.  MOTAVO's detailed business models include written assumptions, revenue and margin analysis, financial statements (P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheets), and appropriate business metrics and reporting.

Product Development

MOTAVO's Product Lifecycle Management methodology is a proven disciplined program that establishes a methodology for not only developing competitive products, but also ensures complete life cycle management from development to disposal.  Implement our proven methodology to maximize competitive advantage in your organization and product offerings.

Competitive Advantage is at the heart of a company's performance in today's competitive markets.  The importance of competitive advantage could hardly be greater.  It stems from the many discrete activities a firm performs on in designing, producing, marketing, delivering, and supporting its product.

     - Michael Porter

        Harvard Business School

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