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1.  Exceeded my Expectations
2.  Viewed as part of Management Team
3.  Professional, Knowledgeable and of the highest integrity



Exceeded my Expectations

Pete provided key market research data as well as strategy and a market/business plan that was used to propose a complex, multi-million dollar project for Alcatel.  These elements were key to our proposal and Pete certainly exceeded my expectations.  He is the type of professional that anyone would be happy to work with.

     - Alcatel USA  (Back to Top)

Viewed as part of Management Team

I would like to commend Pete for his contribution to my company.  After working closely with Pete during the past year, I strongly recommend him to any potential clients.  I view Pete as a part of our management team, and I recommend him highly.

     - North American Technologies Group  (Back to Top)

Professional, knowledgeable and of the highest integrity

As a venture capital firm, I employed Pete to perform professional services related to my portfolio companies.  I have worked closely with Pete and have found him to be professional, knowledgeable, and of the highest integrity.  He is timely in providing services, attentive to details, comprehensive in his deliverables and responsive to our requests.  I recommend Pete to potential clients.

     - Avalanche Resources  (Back to Top)


At MOTAVO, we believe  quality is applicable to every facet of the business environment - from planning through execution.  It is the barometer  of performance in terms of operational costs, cycle times, and customer satisfaction.


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